At present, the world is struggling to combat the ongoing disaster called the coronavirus. The COVID-19 has forced the entire global population to be confined to their households. As doctors and nurses wage war daily to help the world out of this deadly pandemic, we can also do our bit in flattening the coronavirus curve. If you own a salon or beauty parlour that provides beauty treatments in Bognor Regis, you must take care of the following things to ensure a clean and hygienic space for your customers:

Do not forget to wear a mask

One of the primary steps to battling coronavirus is to wear a mask while in public. This restricts the transmission of germs through coughing or sneezing. Make sure that all your salon employees wear masks at all times. This will prevent the transfer of the virus and will keep the customers safe and feel at ease. They can use the prescribed N65 masks. However, if that is not available, using proper medical-grade masks can be equally effective in maintaining hygiene standards.


Sanitise all possible surfaces

Disinfecting and sanitising are crucial measures that can help us fight against the threat of coronavirus. For all franchises providing beauty treatments, make sure that all your employees wash their hands using a high-grade hand wash or sanitising lotions with a high content of alcohol. Encourage your customers to wash their hands when they enter your salon. Further, regularly disinfect countertops, chairs and other surfaces in your parlour. Make sure that the alcohol content of the sanitizers should be high. If the alcoholic content in the concentration is more than 60 per cent, then it is more effective in killing the viruses and bacteria.

Try to use disposable tools

Using disposable tools can effectively mitigate the transmission of a large number of bacteria and viruses, including the COVID-19 virus. In case you are unable to use disposable tools, you must make sure that all your reusable equipment is disinfected after every use. This is a measure that prevents the occurrence of cross-contamination to a great extent. You can use disposable versions of the following salon tools and grooming equipment:

● Washcloths
● Combs
● Tweezers
● Spatulas

You must always have the stock of sanitisers and masks. All the beauty consultants should follow hygienic practices. The hands should be washed using soap and water after doing every activity. Then, they should be adequately sanitised. It is challenging to maintain minimum physical contacts while conducting beauty treatments. Still, one should be very cautious about each of the activities. It should not be any mistake to prevent possible harm to the client and the beauty professional.
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